If you wish to explore the healing and transformative potential of your life force, to enter space of healing touch purely among women, you are invited for a gentle begining of that journey at


3-day YONIVERSAL WISDOM seminar by Magdaléna Šloncová
21st - 24th September 2018, Zdebořice

This seminar is open for any woman, no matter how experienced or not experienced you feel you are.

Main focus:
Relaxing into our inner woman. Supporting our own understanding for needs and wishes of our bodies, yoni included. Discovering space beyond daily life approach to sexuality. Exploration of self love and inner intimacy. By all this inviting our soul in it's wholeness to feel well in close connection with us in our body. Energetic process- and bodywork. The field of this seminar is based on us giving space to aliveness to expand within us.

In english only

130 euro - deposit of 70 sent til 25th June
150 euro - deposit of 80 sent til 20th August
170 euro - later payment

The price includes accomodation and food for lunches.

Please, payments to account nr:  CZ6420100000002401421438


to the description of payment: FEM September 2018 and name of participant

(In case of signing off less than a month before the seminar starts, the deposit is not refundable anymore.)

info and application at: magdalena_sloncova@hotmail.com

+420-603 598 495

or via www.cesta.biz


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