The Path

Family constellations - Shamanic rituals - Body work

This is the basic seminar where we bring awareness into our foundation and our roots. It gives us the oportunity to set a direction for our life journey. Motivation to participate might be the feeling of needing a fundamental change in our life or the seeking for a fullfilling job as well as clearing our relations or looking for healing on physical level. Using the technique of family constellations alows us to enter into the present moment and get in touch with the "knowing field" providing us any information needed in any life situation. With different kinds of body work we ground and integrate our experiences.


Tantric and shamanic rituals - Bodywork - Family constellations - Healings

A sequence of 3 weekend meetings which will bring new awareness into our relation with the Life itself. We reconnect with the sacredness of our bodies and we claim back our source of life energy. We start to understand and heal the patterns and blockages which are limiting the flow of energy through our system on the physical and on the spiritual level.

In UK you can book all three seminars together only. If you whish to take part in only one of them or to repeat one you can register for a seminar in Czech Republic. But we strongly recomand to participate in part two only after part one aso.