Mystery 1 – dare to go beyond


An intensive 4 day seminar in Coed Hills, Wales, UK

5 - 9 June 2019

Liberating our Life–energy and connecting with our Soul’s Dream


Family Constellations – Shamanic Healings – Tantric Rituals – Energetic Bodywork – Shadow Work


This seminar will be combining the aproaches of The Path of the Soul with the intensive bodywork of Path of the Touch. So the healing process will be simultaneously touching topics of our blood-line, spiritual memory, mental patterns and memories stored in our bodies. This will inevitably lead us into contact with our shadow side and through it to a possibility to integrate and heal and expand into the unknown space where mystery can happen.


So if you dare to go beyond all norms, fears, and expectations you are very welcome to join us.




starting Wedensday at 7pm

ending Sunday at 5pm

Place: Coed Hills, Wales, UK

Price: including seminar fee and lodging: £ 300,-


Guides: Petr and Ella

Seminar language: English only


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