The Path of the Soul

Family constellations - Shamanic healings and rituals - Body work

This is the basic seminar where we bring awareness into our foundation and our roots. It gives us the oportunity to set a direction for our life journey. Motivation to participate might be the feeling of needing a fundamental change in our life or the seeking for a fullfilling job as well as clearing our relations or looking for healing on physical level. Using the techniques of Family Constellations and Shamanic Healing alows us to enter into the present moment and get in touch with the "knowing field" providing us any information needed to inciate the needed changes.With different kinds of body work we deepen and integrate our experiences.


Times: arrival: Wednesday, latest 7PM, finishing: Sunday, aprox. 6PM

Place: Coed Hills, Cardiff, UK

Price including seminar fee and lodging: £ 300,-

Organisation and Registrations:

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